Jiangxi Shangrao Sunny Environment Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in the manufacture of various oxime, hydroximic acid, amine, isatin series, deoxidant for boiler water, anti-skinning agents for coatings, paints and printing inks etc., mainly include Acetone oxime(dimethyl ketone),butanone oxime(methylethylketoxime),
acetaldehyde oxime,Salicylaldoxime,Benzophenone Oxime,Acetophenone oxime,
cyclohexanone oxime,o-chlorobenzaldoxime,2.6-Dichlorobenzyloxime,p-benzoquinone,Dimethylglyoxime,Isonitrosoacetophenone,Acetohydroxamic acid,
Benzohydroxamic acid,Salicylhydroxamic Acid,Alkyl hydroxamic acid,
Carboxymethoxylamine Hemihydrochloride,Hydroxyurea,Methoxy amine hydrochloride,
Ethoxy amine hydrochloride,N,O—dimethyl hydroxylamine hydrochloride,
Hydroxylamine-O-Sulfonic Acid,N-Hydroxyphthalimide,N-Hydroxysuccinimide,N-hydroxymaleamine,Isatin,5-Chloroisatin,5-Methylisatin, high-efficiency environmentally sound new type deoxidant for boiler water, anti-skinning agent, scale inhibitors for boilers, anti-skinning agents for coatings, paints and printing inks, collectors of rare-earth minerals and other oxide minerals etc.
Located in Jinshan Industrial Park in Yushan County, Shangrao city of Jinagxi province, the company is close to the National Highway 320, next to Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, enjoying superior location, beautiful environment and easy accessibility. Products feature high purity and quality, low cost of raw materials, reliable control and testing methods and high competitiveness. "To offer first-class products and services and share great success with clients" is our biggest wish. Upholding the tenet of "High Quality, Low Price, Sincere Services", we sincerely welcome the visit and cooperation of all friends for a better tomorrow.

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